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Privacy Policy

Matrix client

  • Fluffychat is a Matrix protocol client and is compatible with all Matrix servers and Matrix identity servers. All communications conducted while using Fluffychat use a Matrix server and the Matrix identity server.
  • The default server in Fluffychat is and the default identity server is
  • Fluffychat doesn't operate any server or remote service.
  • All communication of substantive content between Fluffychat and any server is done in secure way, using transport encryption to protect it. End-to-end encryption will follow.
  • Fluffychat is not responsible for the data processing carried out by any Matrix server or Matrix identity server.
  • Fluffychat offers the option to use phone numbers to find contacts. This is not a requirement of normal operation and is intended only as a convenience. No contact details are uploaded without user interaction! The user can choose to upload all or some or no contacts to the identity server!

Push Notifications

  • The Matrix server selected by the user will automatically send push notifications to the UBports push service. These notifications are encrypted with the https protocol between the device and the Matrix server and on to the official UBports Matrix gateway at This server forwards the notification to UBports push service at and then sends this on as a push notification to the user's device(s).