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A collection of small scripts, created for various purposes and written in Perl or other scripting languages.


  • biasedshuffle: Randomly shuffle a list of values, preferring values from the begin of the list. Values are weighted according to the Fibonacci series. Perl script.
  • cget: Download a single file using curl. If a file with the specified name already exists, it is assumed to be an incomplete download; the rest of the file will be downloaded and appended. Bash shell script.
  • dateadd: Add a number of days to a specific date. Perl script.
  • depresolve: Resolve the dependencies of a list of files (in Debian-based systems). KornShell (ksh) script.
  • fehcaptionwriter: Write captions for the feh image viewer. Perl script.
  • fixdoubleencoding: Fix a file whose content has been corrupted by applying the UTF-8 encoding twice. Python 3 script.
  • fixepubchars: Modify epub documents in place by replacing any small caps and old-style numerals with their ASCII equivalents. This is useful if your reader cannot render the original characters. Perl script.
  • halftime: Print half the time between two specified times on the same day; by default, the current time is used as start time and 22:00 (10 pm) is used as end time. Python 3 script.
  • listdir: Create a simple listing of a directory and its subdirectories in HTML format. Requires txt2html. Bash shell script.
  • multimov: Move a specified number of files with the same extension to another directory. Python 3 script.
  • odta4: Change the paper format of one or more ODT (LibreOffice, OpenOffice) documents to A4. POSIX shell script.
  • random: Return a random number in range 0 to 1 (float), 0 to N (integer), or X to Y (integer, with offset). Perl script.
  • randomletter: Generate a random letter (from 'a' to 'z'). Lua script.
  • sentcheck: List all sentences in a text (plain text document) that may be overly complex (containing too many words or too many breaks such as commas and dashes). Perl script.


All scripts in this directory are either licensed under ISC License or MIT License or otherwise placed in the public domain ("no rights reserved, use as you like"). Script files in this repository that don't specify a specific license are herewith placed in the public domain -- they may be used by anybody for any purpose without requiring attribution or anything else.


A collection of small scripts, created for various purposes and written in Perl or other scripting languages






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