Proof-of-concept allowing you to prevent/block browser fingerprinting (ESORICS 2015).
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Copyright (C) 2015 - Christof Torres


This program is released under the terms of the GPL v3 license, a copy of which should be included with this distribution. This program is provided "AS IS", without any warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.


Online tracking is big business. Various companies are so widely used on the Web, that many (if not most) pages a casual user visits will embed their products. Examples include Facebook ('like' button), Youtube (videos), but also less visible aspects such as JQuery (popular Javascript library). Whenever a browser encounters such embedded contents, the embedded contents can determine the browser's "fingerprint" - a set of attribute values of the browser (resolution, language, OS, browser version, etc). As such, they can track a browser across each and every page where they are embedded.

The FP-Block Firefox plugin ensures that each visited website is provided with a unique fingerprint. This ensures that all embedded parties also see that unique fingerprint, and thus no longer can track users across different websites.

Installation instructions

  1. Compile the source
  2. Install the plugin

Compile the source


Select the "Plugin" folder, do a right-click and choose:
	Send To -> Compressed (Zipped) Folder
Afterwards you simply rename the resulting ZIP file to .xpi
instead of .zip. Done!

Mac & Linux:

In order to "compile" the source code to a Firefox extension,
you only need to run the file "Makefile" or manually run the
following command inside the console:

	zip -r ../FP-Block.xpi * -x *.DS Store*
	zip -r ../FP-Block.xpi *

Install the plugin

To install the plugin, just drag and drop the FP-Block.xpi file onto Firefox. A popup window will appear asking to install. Click "Install" and restart Firefox. Enjoy!