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These are just some tools or snippets I wrote for some very specific

This repository currently contains the following scripts:
  Mostly useless stuff and experimental bash code.
* resize_videos
  Usage: resize_videos <height:width> <input files>

  Resizes the given videos and places the results in the current
  directory. Useful if a video happens to be too big for a netbook.

  On a technical note, this is the first script ever where I found use
  for the "coproc" bash built-in.
* timescale_video
  Usage: timescale_video factor filename

  Changes the speed of the video by the given factor. It uses
  soundstretch to resample the sound track of the source file. All
  other tracks are copied directly and only resynced to the new audio,
  so the frame rate of video tracks will increase/decrease
  accordingly. Subtitle tracks are resynced as well.

  Due to using soundstretch, the quality is somewhat better than with
  mplayer -af scaletempo.

  This script accepts most container formats and all audio formats
  ffmpeg can handle. Tested with mkv, mp4, flv and QuickTime. The
  result will always be a Matroska file (mkv) with ogg vorbis audio.
* windowid-screenshot
  Usage: windowid-screenshot [window-id]

  Takes a screenshot of the given window. If no window is given on the
  command line, it asks the user to click on a window. The screenshot
  is scaled down using two different resizing methods (both from
  imagemagick). Personally I use this script to create Anki cards from
  video games.