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An extension that changes your browser's scrolling behavior and interface
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Chromium (.crx)
Opera 11 & 12 (.oex)
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modern scroll is an extension for Opera and Chromium-based browsers that takes scrolling to a whole new level.

What's so awesome about it?

  • its scroll bars don't take up any space so the whole screen width can be used to display what a browser is made for: websites
  • elements or whole pages don't shift by some pixels when content changes and bars become (un)necessary
  • scroll bars are usable in fullscreen mode as well
  • scroll bars automatically hide when they are not needed
  • behavior and appearance is fully customizable
  • can boost your scrolling performance
  • scrolling speed and behavior is adjustable
  • unique "superbar" which makes it possible to scroll horizontally and vertically at the same time
  • buttons for scrolling to top and bottom of the page
  • Interface for custom mouse gestures / bookmarklets
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