HfGuide is the app that accompanies the semiannually exhibition at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. (This is a concept)
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HfGuide is the app that accompanies the semiannually exhibition at the HfG. It tries to enhance the experience for visitors and create an added value for applicants.

Through showing the process of selected projects, we give the users a deeper insight into what actually happens during the course of a project. Furthermore the app gives contextually relevant information to the structure and the equipment, as well as insights into the professional life of a designer.

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Since we are using iBeacon technology in order to provide location based information we decided to build a native prototype – That way we are able to use the full power of Apple’s Location API.

The prototype was written in Swift (it’s our first native app!), with some web-based componnents. While the quality of the code will probably make experienced developers cry all relevant features of the app actually work (most importantly the triggering of information based on the proximity to a beacon). It was a great tool to explain our vision to people not familiar with the technology.


HfGuide was developed as a student project during summer semester 2015 by Nikolas Klein, Florian Ludwig and Christoph Labacher as part of a course in Interactive Communication Systems by Prof. Jens Döring and Julia Stäbler.