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A performant auto-rotate module for objects in 3D Printing.
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The Tweaker is an auto-rotate module which finds the STL or 3MF object's optimal orientation on the printing platform to improve the efficiency of 3D printing.

Auto-rotation of a model Author: Christoph Schranz, 12.01.2016

Salzburg Research


python -i demo_object.stl -vb

Extended mode:

This mode yields the most reliable results, but needs more computation time.

python -i death_star.stl -vb -x

Minimise the necessary support material:

If you want to optimise the print in terms of minimal support material volume, add the flag -vol. The extended mode is suggested for this operation.

python -i demo_object.stl -vol -x

Convert a 3mf object to stl without tweaking:

python -i pyramid.3mf -c

Choose the output type of the STL format:

python -i pyramid.3mf -t asciistl

You can choose the output types "asciistl" and "binarystl" (default). "3mf" is not supported yet.

Just see the results:

python -i demo_object.stl -r

Show the progress of tweaking:

python -i demo_object.stl -x -p

Designer Mode:

In some cases the smoothness of one side's surface may be more important. Therefore, orientations closer than 45 degrees to a vector can be weighted. The use of the extended mode -x is also recommeded. Here is an example of how to favour the side x,y,z=0,-1,2.5 with a factor of 3:

python -i demo_object.stl -vb -x -fs "[[0,-1,2.5],3]"

Find Help:

python -h


python -v

Cura Plugin:

Cura 15 and Cura 2.3 are supported. Installation infos are in the PlugIn folder, or you can also download the PlugIn from Cura 2.7 PlugIn Browser.

Interested in how the algorithm works?

This Whitepaper declares this program. Additionally, background infos and benchmarks are provided.


Most of this code was developed in my spare time to provide a performant auto-rotation module to the open-source 3D printing community. If you like this project or it helps you to reduce time to develop, I would be very thankful about a cup of coffee :)

More coffee, more code

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