Numpy-based Version of the Object Auto Rotate Module for 3D Printing.
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The Tweaker is an auto-rotate module which finds the STL or 3MF object's optimal orientation on the printing platform to improve the efficiency of 3D printing.

Author: Christoph Schranz, 12.01.2016



python -i demo_object.stl -vb

Make sure you've installed the latest version of numpy:

pip install numpy --upgrade

Extended mode:

This mode yields more reliable results, but needs more time.

python -i death_star.stl -vb -x

Designer Mode:

For many Designs, the smoothness of one side's surface is more important. Therefore, orientations closer than 45 deg to a vector can be weighted. The use of the extended mode -x is also recommeded. Here is an example on how to favour the side x,y,z=0,-1,2.5 with a factor of 3:

python -i demo_object.stl -vb -x -fs "[[0,-1,2.5],3]"

Converting a 3mf object to stl without tweaking:

python -i pyramid.3mf -c

If you want to change the default output representation to ASCII, uncomment/comment the block in as described there. (Search for "ASCII" or "binary")

Just watching the results:

python -i demo_object.stl -r

Find more options:

python -h

Not installed numpy yet?

No Problem, the previous version 2 is completely numpy-less (but slower):


Cura Plugin:

PlugIn for both Cura 15 and Cura 2.3 are supported. Infos are in the descriptions.

Want to build your own application?

This Whitepaper declares how this function works. Additionally, background infos and benchmarks are provided.