An autocompleter using Yaps, written in FBJS to use on your Facebook Apps
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FBJS AutoCompleter 

An autocompleter written in FBJS to use with YAPS (

=== Tested on browsers: 

* Mozilla Firefox 3.5
* Apple Safari 4
* Internet Explorer 6 & 7

=== Usage

To use AutoCompleter in your Facebook application, download the latest release of YAPS. Then include it in your FBML like this: 

  <script src="/path/to/yaps.js"></script>
  <script src="/path/to/autocomplete.js"></script>


  Simple usage: 
  <script type="text/javascript">
    var ac = new AutoCompleter("input_field_id", {requestUrl: "http://your.service.url/autocompleter"});
  Some options: 
  <script type="text/javascript">
    var ac = new AutoCompleter("input_field_id", {additionalParameters: {key: "value"}, containerWidth: 450, minChars: 4, requestUrl: "http://your.service.url/autocompleter"});
  Just check out the code for available options.

=== Response Templating

You can format the autocompleter response using by a template paired with tokens.


The goal is to display articles search results by showing a title along with a description.

Setup the following template: 

  var template = "*title* in category: *description*";
  var ac = new AutoCompleter("input_field_id", {responseTemplate: template, requestUrl: "http://your.service.url/autocompleter"});
Then, your service will have to cover the given tokens, the ajax response will look like:

    {tokens: {title: "Cool Story Bro", description: "Something"}, id: 1, label: "Whatever you wan to display in the input field"},
    {tokens: {title: "Another Cool Story", description: "Cats"}, id: 2, label: "Can be the same as your tokens"},
    {tokens: {title: "Failing again", description: "Dogs"}, id: 3, label: "Failing - Dogs"}
Quick rails exemple: 

  ArticlesController < ApplicationController
    def autocomplete
    	stack = []
    	words = `cat /usr/share/dict/words`.grep("^#{params[:word]}"))[0..10].map {|w| w.gsub("\n", "") }
    	words.each do |word|
    		stack << {:tokens => {:title => word, :description => "#{word} - random category"}, :id => word, :label => word}
      respond_to do |format|
        format.fbjs { render :json => stack }

=== Documentation

No doc (yet) !

=== License

AutoCompleter is licensed under the terms of the WTFPL, see