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POCSAG decoder written in Java
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jPOCSAG is a POCSAG paging protocol decoder written in Java. It uses the sound card input to sample the signals from a radio receiver.

jPOCSAG tries its best to exploit the NFM-demodulated signals from the receiver (aka "earphone plug"), so a discriminator output is not compulsory.

jPOCSAG is essentially a personal experiment that I think might interest other people. It functions correctly with my own setting, using a Yaesu/Vertex Standard VX-6. However, it is by no means supposed to be complete. Therefore please do not consider it is a released product. Rather, it is a codebase to experiment/play/tinker with, with no warranty of any kind.

Note that it is illegal to listen to or attempt to decode any non-public broadcast in many countries. Therefore this code is for legal use only, such as decoding amateur radio POCSAG traffic by authorized amateur radio operators.

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