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A list of opininated links to resources useful to blockchain and bitcoin developers.


Non-Technical Introductions

Non-Technical Videos (Very Intro)

Non-Technical Videos (More Detail)

Non-Technical Videos (Intermediate & Related Topics)

Non-Technical Articles

Technical Introductions

Technical Videos

Technical Books

Technical Articles



Sidechains are new blockchains, but are backed by Bitcoin rather than being an altcoin. Using "two-way pegging" these sidechains provide a method for developers to make changes and play around with blockchain rules in a separate blockchain, while keeping these coins linked to Bitcoin.









  • CoinGecko has charts for a number of altcoins, but more importantly, attempts to measure developer and user community activity.

Javascript & Bitcoin

At Blockchain University we use a number of Javascript based examples to teach the more technical details of Bitcoin. You are not required to have an in-depth knowledge of Javascript, but learning some basics is very useful.

Setting Up on Mac

If using a Mac, you'll need some basic knowledge how to use the Terminal and the Mac's command line interface, and you'll need to install brew, node and git. A basic tutorial on how to do this is at

You can also use this script which sets up your Mac automatically, but the above teaches you how do to do it manually

Introduction to Javascript

Javascript is in both server (node) and client (browser) development. Some basics of Javascript are common to both. Here are some resources for learning about Javascript that are generally applicable to both platform.

Introduction to Node & Javascript

Server-based Javascript typically uses Node. These Javascript learning resources are node specific:

  • I like the command-line based tutorials, as they require you to both use the command line and to create real working code. These are the basic interactive tutorials, but there are many more available.
  • Learn javascripting basics npm install -g javascripting
  • Learn Node basics: npm install -g learnyounode
  • Learn git: npm install -g git-it

Online courses on Javascript

Most of these courses teach general Javascript, but tend to be more client-side Javascript oriented.

Free online courses:

Some non-free online courses:

General Javascript Books and eBooks

Some general Javascript online books in eBook (in rough order of preference)

Local-client Javascript Tools & Playgrounds

These tools can be cloned from github to allow you to use your browser to play around with various bitcoin capabilities:

  • Bip32 Generator git clone ; cd ; open index.html lets you create Bip32 Deterministic Heirarchical Keys (prefix xpub* and xprv*) based on a simple brainwallet (aka arbitrary mnemonic) passphrase.
  • Bip39 Mnemonic Code Converter npm install bip39 ; npm run compile lets you create Bip39 mnemonics (typically 12 words) used for deterministic keys, typically for Bip32.


Testnet Faucets

You'll need bitcoin testnet coins while developing apps with bitcoin. List in rough order of reliability and number of coins offered.

Bitcoin Standards

Blockchain Explorers


List of opininated links to resources useful to blockchain and bitcoin developers




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