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title: "Getting Started"
There are two ways to get started with Gatsby+MDX. You can [add
support to an existing site](#add-to-existing-site) or you can use an
MDX based [starter](#use-a-starter).
## Add to Existing Gatsby Site
To use `gatsby-mdx` with a pre-existing gatsby site install
`gatsby-mdx` as well as MDX itself which comes in two packages
(`@mdx-js/mdx` and `@mdx-js/tag`)
npm install gatsby-mdx @mdx-js/mdx @mdx-js/tag
then add `gatsby-mdx` to your `gatsby-config.js` in the `plugins` section.
module.exports = {
plugins: [`gatsby-mdx`]
_Note: `gatsby-mdx` is [only compatible with Gatsby version 2 or
## Use a Starter
TODO: write the starter and this section