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This file summarizes notable changes for each release, but does not describe internal changes unless they are particularly exciting.

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.2.0

Many thanks to λoλcat and Loránd Szakács for their contributions to this release.

Primary changes in the new release are additional features and version upgrades. Significantly, the upgrade to cats-effect 1.0 and log4scalaz being transitioned onto the ZIO project.

New features:

  • New Extras Project which contains
    • Writer Based Logger
    • MapK transformation Functions
    • Implicit Syntax Enhancements adding mapK directly onto the algebra.

Bug Fixes:

  • Macro Failed to Capture Enclosing Class on safe Slf4jLogger construction. This has been remedied.

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.2.0-RC2

This is expected to be the last release prior to the 0.2.0 release.

  • Loggers for Writer added to cats-extras for pure logging without effects.
  • Upgrades
    • specs2 4.3.5

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.2.0-RC1

  • Added cats-extras, which exposes functions for Rank2 functor behavior for all of the algebras.
  • Upgrades
    • scribe

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.2.0-M1

Transitioned Scalaz ZIO from scalaz-ioeffect to scalaz-zio.

  • Upgrades
    • cats 1.4.0
    • cats-effect 1.0.0 - bincompat breaking
    • scribe 2.6.0 - bincompat breaking
    • specs2

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.1.1

  • Adopt Scala Code of Conduct
  • Publish log4cats-noop, a logger implementation that does nothing.

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.1.0

  • Upgrades
    • specs2
    • scribe
    • scalajs
    • tut (docs)
    • github4s (docs)

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.0.7

  • Add Implicit Summoning for Logger Hierarchy Traits #43

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.0.6

Remove cats dependency from log4cats-core. Publish a log4s module with scalaz-ioeffect module name log4scalaz-log4s.

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.0.5

Transition to a hierarchical logger algebra, which has logger as central and capabilities such as self-awareness of logging capabilities, and structured logging as additional abilitites. slf4j wrapper specifically optimized for log4cats, testing logger improvements, apache licensing transition

  • Hierarchical Logging Algebras #34
  • slf4j-api optimized logger implementation #33
  • Upgrades
    • scribe 2.4.0

Thanks to Loránd Szakács and Joe Kachmar in helping get this release ready.

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.0.4

ScalaJS Support

  • Compiled primary algebra to ScalaJS
  • Built Scribe backend with ScalaJS as well
  • Testing project added which implements a logger with ability to check logs

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.0.3

Multi Project Support Migration

  • Added Experimental Support for Scribe
  • Log4s now has a dedication Log4sLogger for build functions

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.0.2

Minor release addressing initial concerns.

  • Made calls to algebra lazy so when disabled are not evaluated. #4
  • Access to whether a particular log level is enabled. #5
  • withModifiedString for modifying the logged message. #6

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.0.1

Initial Release

  • Initial Algebra Release
  • Initial Log4s Support
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