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Roundabout is a tool that automatically prevents code with failing tests from being merged into a github repository. It uses github's pull request API to grab approved branches, creates CI jobs for the merge, and if either the CI job or the git merge fails rejects the merge. Roundabout also supports pylint checking, which means a project can programatically enforce code quality in merges.

Currently roundabout supports the following continuous integration servers: * Hudson * Jenkins * TeamCity (planned)

I'll add any requested CI server that has a RESTful API, and for which I can get a demo installation to test it.


$ git clone git://github.com/ChristopherMacGown/roundabout.git
$ cd roundabout
$ cp roundabout.cfg{-example,}
$ vi roundabout.cfg # SEE Configuration
$ sudo python setup.py install


Roundabout's configuration file is a JSON file consisting of the following sections:


logfile: string

The full path to roundabout's logfile.

lgtm: string

The default string roundabout will look for from the configured github_core_team

min_lgtm_count: integer

A future configuration option that will check for a minimum of N lgtms

use_merge_tag: string

A future configuration option that will use the existence of a tag in addition to the minimum lgtms to determine if a pull_request should be processed.

poll_sleep: integer

The sleep time for github pull request polling intervals. Defaults to 30 seconds.


class: string

Lowercase name of the CI server you're using.

Valid options:

 * hudson
 * jenkins

username: string

The username for the CI api.

password: string

The password for the CI api.

job: string

I'm not certain this will be required in future CI servers, but hudson/jenkins calls each project a job. This is the name of that project/job. In the future should probably change to something more generic.

base_url: string

The base URL for the CI instance. For example: http://hudson.atomicpony.com

job_reload_sleep: integer

The sleep time between CI build status verification. Defaults to 30 seconds.


squash_merges: boolean

Whether or not you want roundabout to merge --squash or not. If false, the resulting merges will be interleaved. Otherwise will be squashed into a single commit.

base_repo_url: string

The URL for the git repo. This doesn't need to be a github url, but the user roundabout runs as must be able to write to this repo. Or things just won't work.

local_repo_path: string

The full repo to where roundabout will clone the pull request repos.


username: string

The github username with write permission to the repository.

api_token: string

The github API token for the above user.

repo: string

The "account/repository" identifier for the repository. For example: "ChristopherMacGown/roundabout"

organization: string

In order to get the list of authorized 'lgtmers', roundabout requires an organization with a team created. This is the name of the organization. For Example: "atomicpony"

core_team: string

The organization team with the list of authorized 'lgtmers'. For Example: "atomic pony core"

req_per_second: integer

github's API rate limits incoming requests, so there's no point in increasing this over 1. If it becomes possible to get a higher throughput on requests per second, here's where you'd configure it.

http_proxy_host: string

A optional http proxy hostname for github2's proxy support.

http_proxy_port: integer

A optional http proxy port for github2's proxy support.


This is an optional configuration option.

modules: array of strings

The list of modules you want to run pylint against. Syntax is identical to pylint's command line interface.

current_score: integer

The current number of pylint violations. This should be set very high for the first run if you don't know what the current_score will be on the system running roundabout.

If this value is smaller than the value of max_score, any merge that has a higher number of pylint violations than the current_score will fail.

max_score: integer

The maximum number of pylint violations you're willing to accept into your code base. If this value is larger than the value of current_score, any merge that has a higher number of pylint violations than the current_score will fail.


After installing and configuring roundabout can be started, stopped, and run:

$ roundabout --config_file=path/to/your-config-file start
$ roundabout --config_file=path/to/your-config-file stop
$ roundabout --config_file=path/to/your-config-file run

After roundabout is running, it will automatically process any pull_requests on the configured github repo that are LGTMed by your core team.

Please see the following workflow:

roundabout workflow

Required packages:

  • GitPython==0.3.1
  • github2>=0.4.1
  • pylint==0.22.0

If you want to run the unittests:

  • coverage
  • nose