bash scripts to automate LFS tools and for learning.
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easy instauctions

1: run the config file


2: run the wget script


3: run every script numbered 0-9 or run to build all at once.

4: optionally back up the LFS tools by running


5: chroot into LFS tools


0: cleaning up

the only thing to clean up after building LFS or messing up and starting over is

rm -rf /mnt/lfs

rm /tools

optionally delete backup tools to clean up further

rm -rf /LFS-tools-backup/

and then you can start over by running again and

0: optionally restoring LFS tools from a backup

clean up first by removing /mnt/lfs & /tools

run the again

cp -r /LFS-tools-backup/tools/ /mnt/lfs

and the tools are ready again.