Code used in the 2016-2017 University of Cincinnati Cube Cats CATISE mission payload.
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What is CATISE?

The CubeCats Applied Training in Space Exploration program, or CATISE, is the first year program for the members of the University of Cincinati's CubeCat Satellite club. Every year, the club invites all new members to join in a project to gain hands on experience through having the opportunity to design and build their own high altitude balloon (HAB). All members of the University of Cincinnati are welcome to join the project and club, regardless of area of study.

This Year's CATISE

This year, the CATISE project focused on taking panoramic arial photographs as it ascended. While a simple goal, the project took many months of planning and work to execute. Preparation to launch a HAB includes everything from finding a launch site to having FAA compliant safety measures to keep ait traffic from colliding with the balloon.

More information is available on the website.

The CubeCats

The UC CubeCats is a student organization at the University of Cincinnati dedicated to the education of its members through the development and launch of CubeSats (small, standardized satellites). While we are a predominatly undergraduate engineering organization, we accept university students of every level and every major.