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Create, run, and schedule routines with Mycroft
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Mycroft Routine Skill

Create, run, and schedule lists of Mycroft commands


Create named rountines, which are lists of Mycroft commands, that can be run by name, and scheduled to run at particular times.


Create a routine

*User:*    "Create routine"
*Mycroft:* "What would you like to name it?"
*User:*    "Morning"
*Mycroft:* "What is the first task?"
*User:*    "Turn on the lights."
*Mycroft:* "What next?"
*User:*    "Say time to get up."
*Mycroft:* "What next?"
*User:*    "Tell me the time."
*Mycroft:* "What next?"
*User:*    "Tell me the weather."
*Mycroft:* "What next?"
*User:*    "That's all."
*Mycroft:* "Morning has been created"

Schedule a routine

*User:*    "Schedule routine morning"
*Mycroft:* "Which days of the week would you like it to run?"
*User:*    "Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday"
*Mycroft:* "At what time?"
*User:*    "7:45 a.m."
*Mycroft:* "Morning has been schedule"

Simple commands

  • Run routine morning
  • List routines
  • Describe routine morning
  • Disable morning routine
  • Enable morning routine
  • Delete morning routine


  • @ChristopherRogers1991
  • @gras64 (German translation)

Short Demo



msm install

Manual install

  1. Clone this repo into your third party skills folder (the current default is /opt/mycroft/skills; check your global/local mycroft.conf files if you have issues)
  • cd /opt/mycroft/skills && git clone
  1. cd into the resulting mycroft_routine_skill directory
  • cd ~/.mycroft/skills/mycroft_routine_skill
  1. If your mycroft instance runs in a virtual environment, activate it
  • source <mycroft-core>/.venv/bin/activate
  1. Install the required python libraries
  • pip install -r requirements.txt


If you'd like to manually edit your routines, look for ~/.mycroft/skills/MycroftRoutineSkill/routines.json.

The schedules are fed to APScheduler as a cronstring. Note that in APScheduler cronstrings, days of the week start on Monday, so 0 is Monday, and 6 is Sunday.

The finished file should be valid json. If you have issues, use to validate the json.

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