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Chromatix custom config for ESLint. Based heavily on the WordPress Coding Standards but with some of our own too.
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Shareable config for ESLint for custom standards at Chromatix Digital Agency.

Based heavily on the WordPress Coding Standards but with some of our own too. Most notably, two spaces instead of tabs. Soz.

This config is still in development. If you have suggestions for improvement or if you disagree with anything this config makes you do, feel free to file an issue.

Publishing to npm/yarn

NOTE: This package is available on npm and once a Pull request has been merged to master the master branch needs to be published to npm/yarn to reflect any changes or updates.

Consult LastPass or Julian for where to find login details for

Details for how to publish the config to npm can be found here:


Install globally to use on any project:

yarn global add @chromatix/eslint-config-chromatix

Install locally to one project:

yarn add --dev @chromatix/eslint-config-chromatix

You'll also need to have ESLint installed in the same manner.


Add this to your .eslintrc.js file:

module.exports = {
  'extends': [


  • Using globally?
    Run eslint "**/*.js".

  • Using locally?
    Add "lint:js": "eslint \"**/*.js\"" to your package.json's "scripts" section, then run yarn lint:js

Additional Tips

  • Outputting code coverage reports with Jest? Add --ignore-pattern coverage/ to your eslint command.
  • Want ESLint to list the filenames it is linting, even if everything passes? Add cross-env as a dev dependency and then add cross-env DEBUG=eslint:cli-engine before your eslint command.

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