DevTools Protocol API docs—its domains, methods, and events
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Explore the Chrome DevTools Protocol, its methods, events and basic documentation.

More: DevTools Protocol repo and published devtools protocol viewer


# install dependencies

# regenerate the protocol files
yarn prep

# build it
yarn build

# serve it locally
yarn serve


We deploy to despite the source living here. The repo/branch layout is described here. Master branch of this repo is deployed every hour (on the 15 minute mark) via the devtools-protocol/scripts/ script.

yarn deploy

Adding new version

To add a new protocol version:

  1. Modify _data/versions.json
  2. Create _data/VERSION_SLUG folder and put protocol.json file there
  3. Create _versions/VERSION_SLUG.html file with protocol version description
  4. Update the <paper-dropdown-menu id="versions"> tag in index.html.
  5. Build project

Adding new domains

They must be manually added to <div id="drawerToolbar" class="paper-font-title">Domains</div> in index.html.


  • v0.1 original Eric Guzman app.
  • v0.2 irish's "upgrades".
  • v0.8 guzman's polymer 0.8 refactor
  • v1.0 konrad's polymer 1.0 + jekyll refactor
  • v2.0 tim's polymer 2.0 - jekyll refactor
  • which brings us to… now.




Pull requests very welcome!