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Foobar plugin to generate playlists and sort playlists by charts
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Latest commit a5ca946 @epsil epsil Visual Studio 2010 Express
Update the project to Visual Studio 2010 Express. Visual Studio 2010
is the preferred version for foobar2000 projects, and the Express
edition is freely available.
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.gitignore v0.2.3 - inital commit
foo_scrobblecharts.cpp Windows style line endings
foo_scrobblecharts.h Windows style line endings
foo_scrobblecharts.vc10express.sln Visual Studio 2010 Express
foo_scrobblecharts.vcxproj Visual Studio 2010 Express
xmlParser.cpp Version 2.43
xmlParser.h Version 2.43


Building This Project:

This project was last build using the foobar2000 1.1 SDK.
The SDK is expected to be found in ../_sdk/foobar2000 and ../_sdk/pfc.
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