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Python script for SnapRAID cronjobs
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Snapraid Runner Script

This script runs snapraid and sends its output to the console, a log file and via email. All this is configurable.

It can be run manually, but its main purpose is to be run via cronjob/windows scheduler.

It supports Windows, Linux and macOS and runs on both python2 and python3.

How to use

  • If you don’t already have it, download and install the latest python version.
  • Download the latest release of this script and extract it anywhere or clone this repository via git.
  • Copy/rename the snapraid-runner.conf.example to snapraid-runner.conf and edit its contents. You need to at least configure snapraid.executable and snapraid.config.
  • Run the script via python3 on Linux or py -3 on Windows.


  • Runs diff before sync to see how many files were deleted and aborts if that number exceeds a set threshold.
  • Can create a size-limited rotated logfile.
  • Can send notification emails after each run or only for failures.
  • Can run scrub after sync


v0.4 (17 Aug 2019)

  • Add compatibility with python3 (by reed-jones)
  • Add support for running snapraid touch (by ShoGinn, PR-11)
  • Add SMTP TLS support

v0.3 (20 Jul 2017)

  • Limit size of sent emails

v0.2 (27 Apr 2015)

  • Fix compatibility with Snapraid 8.0
  • Allow disabling of scrub from command line

v0.1 (16 Feb 2014)

  • Initial release
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