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cURL (libcurl)
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CMake sources: update source headers
lib Use OpenSSL instead of GnuTLS+libgcrypt
m4 NTLM_WB: final congruency naming adjustments
packages NTLM: END of refactoring/splitting/moving
perl remove the CVSish $Id$ lines
tests lib582.c: fix segfault triggered when torture testing test case 582
winbuild - typo
.gitattributes Add .gitattributes files to turn off CRLF translation for some files
.gitignore Added libcurl.a to .gitignore Added LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS to support Android gingerbread
CHANGES CHANGES: move all contents from CHANGES to CHANGES.0
CHANGES.0 CHANGES: move all contents from CHANGES to CHANGES.0
CMakeLists.txt cmake: find winsock when building on windows
COPYING COPYING: update the year to 2011
CTestConfig.cmake ENH: move dashboard location
MacOSX-Framework MacOSX-Framework: updates for Snowleopard include: cleanup
Makefile.dist Improve MinGW static makefile builds.
Makefile.msvc.names build: refactoring of msvc makefiles to allow overriding of library f…
Makefile.static Fix win32 building
README various changes of CVS to git
RELEASE-NOTES RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 3445fa2
TODO-RELEASE TODO-RELEASE: deleteing five issues due to no response
acinclude.m4 configure: avoid direct usage of AS_TR_* macros
buildconf Fix spelling errors in buildconf
buildconf.bat keep a single copy of config-win32.h in version control repository. NTLM_WB: final congruency naming adjustments
curl-style.el remove the CVSish $Id$ lines
install-sh removed trailing whitespace libcurl.pc: version number fix log2changes: correct command line, fix tag usage, change Version output
maketgz keep a single copy of config-win32.h in version control repository.
missing renamed generated config.h to curl_config.h in order to avoid clashes…
mkinstalldirs remove the CVSish $Id$ lines
vc6curl.dsw Renamed vc6 workspace and project files to avoid filename clash when …


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                             \___|\___/|_| \_\_____|


  Curl is a command line tool for transferring data specified with URL
  syntax. Find out how to use curl by reading the curl.1 man page or the
  MANUAL document. Find out how to install Curl by reading the INSTALL

  libcurl is the library curl is using to do its job. It is readily
  available to be used by your software. Read the libcurl.3 man page to
  learn how!

  You find answers to the most frequent questions we get in the FAQ document.

  Study the COPYING file for distribution terms and similar. If you distribute
  curl binaries or other binaries that involve libcurl, you might enjoy the
  LICENSE-MIXING document.


  If you have problems, questions, ideas or suggestions, please contact us
  by posting to a suitable mailing list. See

  All contributors to the project are listed in the THANKS document.


  Visit the curl web site for the latest news and downloads:


  To download the very latest source off the GIT server do this:

    git clone git://

  (you'll get a directory named curl created, filled with the source code)


  Curl contains pieces of source code that is Copyright (c) 1998, 1999
  Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan. This notice is included here to comply with the
  distribution terms.
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