Console library for iBoot/iBSS used by iPhone & iPod touch
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== What is libirecovery? ==

libirecovery is a cross-platform library which implements communication to
iBoot/iBSS found on Apple's iOS devices via USB. A command-line utility is also

The software is completely open-source, the source code is released under the
terms of the LGPL 2.1. The full license text can be found in the LICENSE file.

Here's its usage:

irecovery [args]
	-v		Start irecovery in verbose mode.
	-c <cmd>	Send command to client.
	-f <file>	Send file to client.
	-k [payload]	Send usb exploit to client.
	-h		Show this help.
	-r		Reset client.
	-s		Start interactive shell.
	-e <script>	Executes recovery shell script.

You can get info on the shell commands here: