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CWTranslator is a utility class for translating an ordered input into live
objects. The concrete subclass CWXMLTranslatir is useful for well defined and
non-recursive XML documents, for example RSS-feeds, status responses, etc.
Previous versions of CWFoundation where CWXMLTranslator inherited directly from
NSObject is not compatible with the new and improved translator. This disruptive
update is made to get rid of legacy code that is hard to maintain, and to enable
future suport for JSON translations as well.
How to perform the translation is defined in a translation DSL language, that is
parsed by the CWXMLTranslation class. The compiled internal format is complex
and bound to change, so always use the DSL.
Translation DSL Syntax
A human readable text-format should instead be used, by loading text files
using the standard xml translation file extension: .xmltranslation.
XML Translation format in Backus-Naur Form:
translation ::= statement | # A translation is one or more statement
"{" statement* "}"
statement ::= source action { ";" } # A statment is a source to perform actions on.
source ::= { "." } SYMBOL | # A symbol, with optional argument marker.
source "|" source* # A pipe separated list of sources.
action ::= "->" translation | # -> Is a required tag to descend into, but take no action on.
assignment target { ":" type } # All other actions are assignment to a target, with optional type (NSString is used for untyped actions)
assignment ::= ">>" | # Assign to target using setValue:forKey:
"+>" # Append to target using addValue:forKey:
target ::= destination context # The target
destination ::= "@root" | # Target is the array of root objects to return.
SYMBOL # Target is a named property accessable using setValue:forKey:
context ::= { "(" SYMBOL ")" } # Context is a user defined string.
type ::= SYMBOL # Type is a known Objective-C class (NSNumber, NSDate, NSURL)
SYMBOL translation | # Type is an Objective-C class with inline translation definition
"@" SYMBOL # Type is an Objective-C class with translation defiition in external class
Exmaple for translation this XML;
<Type name="bar" date="2010-10-28"/>
To fit these Objective-C classes:
@interface CWNodeType : NSObject {
@property(copy) NSString* name;
@property(retain) NSDate* date;
@interface CWNode : NSObject {
@property(assign) NSInteger nodeID;
@property(copy) NSURL* url;
@property(retain) CWNodeType* type;
Use this translation definition
Node +> @root : CWNode { # Node tag shoudl be added as root object of class CWNode
Id >> nodeID : NSNumber; # Set Id tag content to nodeID property typed as a NSNumber
Url >> url : NSURL; # Set Url tag content to url property typed as a NSURL
Type >> type : CWNodeType { # Type tag sets a the type property to a new instance of CWNodeType class
.name >> name; # Set name attribute content to name property as a string
.date >> date : NSDate; # Set date attribute content to date property typed as a NSDate
Like this:
NSArray* objects = [CWXMLTranslator translateContentsOfURL:urlToXML
CWNode* node = [objects lastObject];