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Switched background save method's action from performBlockAndWait bac…

…k to performBlock to try and reduce blocking the main thread. This was giving problems early in the integration of MR, but it seems to be working fine now, so I believe it should be defined this way.
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1 parent 3ac593b commit c9c64b891e7dfd0ca67ff38da7fc0604146b7519 @ChronicStim committed Jul 13, 2012
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ - (void) MR_saveInBackgroundErrorHandler:(void (^)(NSError *))errorCallback;
- (void) MR_saveInBackgroundErrorHandler:(void (^)(NSError *))errorCallback completion:(void (^)(void))completion;
- [self performBlockAndWait:^{
+ [self performBlock:^{
[self MR_saveWithErrorCallback:errorCallback];
if (self == [[self class] MR_defaultContext])

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