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Supporting Files


BugSense for iOS

Latest: Provides accurate program counter offset for each line in the stacktrace. General improvements.

Issues: https://github.com/bugsense/plcrashreporter-bugsense/issues

Project status

The framework has been updated to work properly for iOS 3.0+ and both armv6 and armv7 in devices and the simulator. We have fixed any conflicts that could arise by using JSONKit, Reachability and AFNetworking. Issue (not affecting functionality) with warnings regarding the generation of debug symbols and the location of .o files has been corrected.


This is the source code for BugSense-iOS, a crash reporting service for mobile applications. This framework is based on plcrashreporter, AFNetworking and JSONKit. (Also Reachability, which is Apple's source code, but everybody uses that).

plcrashreporter is by Plausible Labs, maintained by Landon Fuller and hosted here. AFNetworking is by Gowalla, was created by Scott Raymond and Mattt Thompson and hosted here. JSONKit is the work of John Engelhart and you can find it here.


In order to build the framework, you need to use Karl Stenerud's iOS-Universal-Framework, which updates your development environment with a few additional templates and settings for creating frameworks.