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Chronix Grafana Datasource Plugin

This is a "datasource" plugin that lets you use time series from Chronix-Server and visualize them with Grafana.

It works with Grafana > 3.X.X.



The plugin supports all the native implemented aggregations, transformations, and analyses of Chronix-Server. We will provide more details soon ;-)


Currently, the plugin is only available at the chronix github repository. It is planned to release the plugin within the app store of grafana.

To use the plugin, simply clone this repository into your Grafana installation's {inst-dir}/data/plugins/ directory.

Optionally, you can download and start from the example dashboard:

  1. Download and extract the latest chronix.server and start it by cd'ing into the extracted directory and running bin/solr start.
  2. Download and extract the latest from the latest chronix.examples release and run it by cd'ing into the extracted folder and running ./import.
  3. Create a datasource called Chronix that points to http://localhost:8983/solr/chronix (no credentials needed).
  4. Import the example dashboard(s) from 'dashboards' into your running Grafana.


Is there anything missing? Do you have ideas for new features or improvements? You are highly welcome to contribute your improvements to the Chronix projects. All you have to do is to fork this repository, improve the code and issue a pull request.

Developing the plugin


  • All actual code sources live in src and can be written in ES6 / ES2015 - this allows us to use proper imports, exports and all the other syntactic goodies.
  • The dist folder is actually checked into git, too. We do this so that Grafana auto-detects the dist folder and uses it even if you just cloned the repository into Grafana (as described above).
  • This means that whenever you're changing something in src, you really should run the build at least once so that the contents of dist are "in sync", too, when you're committing / pushing / issuing a PR.

Set up (only needs to be done once)

Use a command prompt that provides NodeJS and NPM. In it, simply run

npm install

to install all (dev-) dependencies for the build.

Changing stuff

To run the build once in order to re-create the dist folder, run

npm run build

If you want the build to watch your src files and auto-run whenever you hit save, run

npm run watch

(you can end the watcher by pressing CTRL+C in that command prompt)


Florian Lautenschlager @flolaut


This software is provided under the Apache License, Version 2.0 license.

See the LICENSE file for details.


The plugin for Grafana to integrate Chronix




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