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DJ Sweet

The DJ Sweet library is a port of the DJ Native Swing library to pure SWT.

The key components are a rich web browser, a flash player, an HTML editor, a media player and a syntax highlighter, all with a simple API.


Get the DJ Sweet distribution on SourceForge.

Community and Support

All questions should be posted to the SourceForge Help forum. Issues can be submitted to the SourceForge tracker.

Using the Library

The demo application that is part of the distribution shows all the features as well as the code.

The Javadoc is also part of the distribution.

The SourceForge Help forum is also a good resource of help when encountering a problem.


You're encouraged to contribute to DJ Sweet. Fork the code from github.com/Chrriis/DJ-Sweet and submit pull requests.


This library is provided under the LGPL, version 2.1 or later.