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SEDutil - Intel and AMD Ryzen compatible bootloader images

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@ChubbyAnt ChubbyAnt released this 06 Jan 21:34

To setup SEDutil on an Intel or AMD Ryzen system to use SEDutil for preboot authentication, you will need to download the RESCUE64-1.15*.img.gz file, image that file onto a USB stick with a program like Balena Etcher, then follow the instructions for SEDutil setup here:

The windows executable is for locking and unlocking non-boot drives from windows.

Note: These releases are for this SHA-512 version of SEDutil, which is not backward compatible with SHA-1 versions of SEDutil.

MD5 hash:

8fd48bed0ef4ea4b8124fad256c7dcc4 : BIOS32-1.15-5ad84d8.img.gz 
0b0ab9c15d0fefbc2db54d2ac1cdb4bd : RESCUE32-1.15-5ad84d8.img.gz 
66ca594085d898cbd46698f172d84966 : RESCUE64-1.15-5ad84d8.img.gz 
5e95e882a77630272be1b7fbd696c075 : UEFI64--1.15-5ad84d8.img.gz 
f0ec8d020802482768336f38cc0dad32 :
63b3ada5eade5b2d0bb79a0a2a635049 :