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Laravel Recipes


  • Origin Story (and Creative Commons)
  • Installing Laravel Recipes
  • How to Edit Existing Recipes
  • How to Create New Recipes

Origin Story (and Creative Commons)

I created with the intention of having a site with hundreds of little "how-tos" explaining every aspect of Laravel. From the beginning tasks to more advanced techniques. It was going to be amazing.

And it was.

But I didn't realize how huge an undertaking this would be. I created almost 300 recipes before this realization hit me. After much head-scratching I decided to open this up to the community at large.

I struggled to find the perfect license for this. I looked at GPL and others, but since this site not only contains code but also content that could be used in a variety of mediums. I settled on the Creative Commons license.

Which means you can share, change, adapt laravel-recipes in any way and redistribute in any format, for any purpose (even commercially) as long as you give appropriate credit and share alike.

Creative Commons Details

Installing Laravel Recipes

Here's a quick start guide:

  1. Clone the ChuckHeintzelman/laravel-recipes repository from github
  2. Update bootstrap/start.php and set up an environment override
  3. Add app/config/YOURENV/database.php and configure it
  4. Run artisan migrate to set up the databases
  5. Run artisan recipe:sync to sync your database with the docs
  6. Point your web browser at laravel-recipes/public and enjoy

How to Edit Existing Recipes

Editing an existing recipe is easy. Just find the recipe in the docs/recipes directory tree and make changes there.

NOTE Never change Id or Position in the header of the markdown document containing the recipe.

When finished making the changes first do a:

artisan recipe:scan

This will tell you if there any problems with the recipe file. Once verified, you can update your local database with:

artisan recipe:sync

If that works successfully, clear your application's cache (artisan cache:clear) and make sure it looks correct on your local install. When it does, create a pull request to get your change merged into the project.

How to Create New Recipes