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Open GUI automation framework for Sakai and Kuali products
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Functional Automation testing for Kuali and Sakai


This repository contains the following projects:

  • Cucumber features and step definitions for testing Kuali Student
  • The beginnings of a test API for the Kuali projects. This API is called "Sambal".


The Sakai APIs are written in Ruby 1.9.2 using the Watir-webdriver and Page Object abstraction layer. There are test object classes which allow the test code to persist information about parallel objects created within the system under test

Cucumber projects

You are of course welcome to use the APIs on their own to write your own test scripts using whatever framework you prefer. However, if you're interested in getting a fast start and either learning the API by example or leveraging work we've already done, you're welcome to grab our Cucumber projects.

Obviously, at the moment the Cucumber projects are in their infancy.


  • Fork the project.
  • Additional or bug-fixed Classes, Elements, or Methods should be demonstrated in accompanying tests. Pull requests that do not include test scripts that use the new code are less likely to be accepted.
  • Make sure you provide RDoc comments for any new public method or page class you add. Remember, others will be using this code.
  • Send a pull request. Bonus points for topic branches.
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