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This repository is about thread modular abstract interpretation (Using the APRON library) for interrupt-driven programs by adopting priority information.

The source code is a modified version from

Right now, all files are not cleaned up including test files.

However, subset of result tables can be printed since some output files are uploaded.

Citing IntAbs

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The program is an LLVM opt pass. It is built using CMake. Since we are using CMake, this likely requires LLVM version 3.6.0

Modify the CMakeLists file variable APRON_PREFIX to be the location where Apron is installed

Assuming your LLVM library files are in a standard location (more on this below), simply:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../

The result of the build process is an .so file,

If you need to tell CMake where LLVM lives, you need to add the option -DLLVM_DIR, e.g.,

cmake -DLLVM_DIR=/home/chungha/src/share/llvm/cmake ../

The directory passed to LLVM_DIR should be the location where the LLVM CMake files are (e.g., LLVM-Config.cmake).

You also may need to set -DZ3_INC and -DZ3_LIB to the include directory, and library file for Z3, respectively.

Test Path

You need to modify LLVM path and build path in src/test/ file to test program such as LLVM_PREFIX, WORKLIST_SO, Z3_BIN.


If you want to check the program's invariants using assert, you have to use in this way.

Instead of using assert(a==1), you have to write down if (a != 1) { assert(0); }.

Because of post dominator relation, I need to implement my tool to support only this case (assert makes the program unreachable so some post dominator relationship is lost).

Directory description

  • icbmc: This is the directory where I tested icbmc binary file from DATE15 paper with my benchmarks.

  • src: It contains main implementation (worlist-ai, utils, CMakeLists.txt) and a test directory (test)

  • src/test: It contains script files to run the test and benchmark programs. Also, the result files are included in each directory.


Repository for ASE 2017 paper, "Modular Verification of Interrupt-driven Software".








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