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.gitmodules Progressive Parameterizations Oct 25, 2018


The code is an implementation of the siggraph 2018 paper Progressive Parameterizations .

  1. Download and install Mingw-w64 from here.

  2. Download and install Cmake from here.

  3. Apply for download following the official instructions from, it will send you an email which contains the download link and the license number of Pardiso v6.

    • Create a new file named as pardiso.lic and copy the license number into it.
    • Download the pardiso library from the download link provided by the email.
    • Put the pardiso.lic and pardiso library(libpardiso600-WIN-X86-64.dll) into the same folder.
    • Set the environment variable PARDISO_LIC_PATH to the path of that folder(use "/" instead of "\" on Windows when filling the path).
    • The environment variable OMP_NUM_THREADS should be set according to your CPU cores number( In my experience, 1 is the best choice for pardiso V6. By contrast, full-cores performs the best for pardiso V5).
  4. Download the OpenMesh from here and compile it with Mingw-w64, copy the libOpenMeshCore.a and libOpenMeshTools.a to the folder "Library/".

  5. Other dependences such as libgfortran-3.dll, libgfortran-4.dll, libopenblas.dll are provided in the folder “build/”.

  6. Cmake with the generator options="MinGW Makefiles", mingw32-make, and then it will generate the executable file named PP.exe in the "build/".

  7. Decompress the data file("data/*.zip") into the "data/" folder directly, run the batch processing file "build/run.bat". The unfolded meshes of all the models appear in the paper will be produced and saved into "build/result/".