Sunday School

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How do I create a Sunday School Class?

Sunday school classes are nothing more than groups, with the "Type" set to "Sunday School Class." To this effect, you can create Sunday School Classes by following these steps:

  1. Select "Groups"

  2. Select "Add a new Group"

  3. Enter the Name of the Sunday School Group, and set the "Type of Group" to "Sunday School Class"

  4. Replace the default role text of "Member" to "Teacher"

  5. Click "Save Changes"

  6. Enter "Student" in the "New Role Name" text box, and click "Add New Group Member Role"

  7. Add users to the group as either "Teacher" or "Student"

How do I use ChurchCRM to track attendance?

Sunday School Attendance cannot be tracked directly, but rather by creating an Event. Please see the events section of the documentation

How can I use ChurchCRM to notify parents if their child requires attention?

Navigate to the Sunday School Dashboard of the group you wish to contact, and click the "Compose Message" button.

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