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While we only officially support LAMP stack, some users have reported ChurchCRM working on WAMP/XAMPP. These are the steps of installing ChurchCRM on XAMPP.

  1. Install XAMPP. You can download it from ---{Click here for xampp Install Steps}

  2. Download the latest release of ChurchCRM from login

  3. Extract the zip file in ...\xampp\htdocs login

  4. Create database for ChurchCRM in phpmyadmin:- open browser and type http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ then press enter

  5. Login with your database credentials created when setting up xampp typically user="root" password="" (no password) ---{Click here- {xampp Install Steps} for help on changing MySql password}

  6. On the left column in phpmyadmin click on "new"

  7. Enter desired database name click "enter" (accept all other defaults)

  8. To set up ChurchCRM, open a new browser window/tab and type http://localhost/churchcrm/ and press enter

  9. Fill in the database name, database username, and database password and click Setup.

  10. You may not need to change remaining settings. You'll be redirected to login page.


  1. Type admin in Email/Username field and type changeme in Password field and click Login. login
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