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mingkuang-Chuyu committed Jun 1, 2019
1 parent 0799b10 commit 3d72d56e1401a8bc99f4c95f70fa5ca421caf355
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@@ -435,13 +435,14 @@ If VC-LTL is referenced correctly, it will be output at the time of generation:
* Add Fea, add `VC-LTL helper for qmake.pri` to provide support for QMake (Thanks to GPBeta).
### - Improved Support (May 27, 2019 13:40)
### - Improved Support (June 1, 2019 13:40)
* Fix Bug, Windows XP mode does not reference `advapi32.lib`, which may cause symbols such as `ImpersonateSelf` to be unresolvable (Thanks to 昌平517).
* Fix Bug, `std::thread` depends on `GetLogicalProcessorInformation` causing XP RTM report not to find entry point (Thanks to 小古).
* Fix Bug, Add `_mbsinc` in XP mode because the old version of msvcrt.dll has an out-of-bounds access the bug (Thanks to 亮亮).
* Fix Bug, `std::mutex` depends on `GetNumaHighestNodeNumber` causing XP RTM report not to find entry point.
* Fix Bug, the "ucrtbase_ltl.dll" module does not export the "llabs" function(Thanks to GPBeta)。
* Fix Bug, remove the accidentally omitted `_downlevel` suffix (Thanks to 过客).
* Fix Bug, this config.pri syntax error caused QT to fail to load (thanks to GPBeta).
* New Fea, `VC-LTL helper for qmake.pri` is compatible with the old version of QMake (Thanks to BigBrother).
* New Fea, the CMake script adds vcpkg support (Thanks to BigBrother).
* New Fea, add Vistual Studio 2019 Support.
@@ -423,13 +423,14 @@ nmake /f Test.mak
* 新增Fea,新增`VC-LTL helper for qmake.pri`脚本,改进对QMake的支持(感谢 漆黑の牙)。
### - 改进支持(2019-05-27 13:40)
### - 改进支持(2019-06-01 13:40)
* 解决Bug,Windows XP模式没有引用`advapi32.lib`,可能导致`ImpersonateSelf`等符号无法解析(感谢 昌平517)。
* 解决Bug,微软原版std::thread依赖GetLogicalProcessorInformation导致XP RTM无法运行(感谢 小古)。
* 解决Bug,为XP模式添加_mbsinc,解决此函数越界问题(感谢 亮亮)。
* 解决Bug,微软原版std::mutex依赖GetNumaHighestNodeNumber导致XP RTM无法运行。
* 解决Bug,ucrtbase_ltl.dll没有导出llabs(感谢 GPBeta)。
* 解决Bug,将意外遗漏的`_downlevel`后缀删除(感谢 过客)。
* 解决Bug,config.pri错误导致QT无法加载问题(感谢 GPBeta)。
* 新增Fea,`VC-LTL helper for qmake.pri`脚本添加老版本QMake兼容(感谢 大胸滴)。
* 新增Fea,CMake脚本添加vcpkg兼容(感谢 大胸滴)。
* 新增Fea,添加Visual Studio 2019支持。

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