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@mingkuang-Chuyu mingkuang-Chuyu released this Dec 20, 2018 · 64 commits to master since this release

What's the News?

  • Fix Bug, solved Windows XP mode _Atexit function depends on EncodePointer problem(感谢 亮亮)。
  • Fix MSBug, solved the wrong use of EncodePointer in Microsoft's original details::Etw.
  • Fix Bug, solved a memory leak in _initialize_onexit_table_downlevel (Thanks to g-qa-ck).
  • Fix Bug, solved Windows XP can't find function operator new(size_t,int,char const *,int) and operator new[](size_t,int,char const *,int) entry point (Thanks to 希望).
  • Fix Bug, solved missing exsup4 symbol problem under Spectre with WinXP 32 (Thanks to Too Simple).
  • Add Fea, add delete[](void *, std::nothrow_t const &) (Thanks to Too Simple).
  • Add Fea, add UCRT 10.17763 (Thanks to 毛利).
  • Add Fea, Add Vistual Studio 2017 15.9 Support.
  • Add Fea, Add _IsExceptionObjectToBeDestroyed, _CreateFrameInfo, _FindAndUnlinkFrame to Windows XP (Thanks to 夏思畅).

The new VC-LTL 4.0, code-named "Dawning" has been released. As a major version upgrade, you need to pay attention to the following items:
1. Beginning with VC-LTL 4.0, if you need static compilation (dependent msvcrt.dll only), please use /MT.
2. VC-LTL 4.0 is not compatible with VC-LTL 3.X compiled static libraries, you need to recompile with VC-LTL 4.0 (Dawning).

File Information

File Name Size(bytes) SHA1
VC-LTL- 30, 895, 209 d577e2674f69135a18abbc5d7bcd528cac57933b
VC-LTL- 91, 951, 765 dc85f0e313f33ee753d11445ef7fa42cf68b9ba3
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