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Important Note: Hemisphere Suite 1.6 reconfigures the module's EEPROM (long-term storage) memory to make room for Vector Oscillator user waveforms. Please take steps to save your work in progress via MIDI sysex dumps before performing this update. This is done by long-pressing the right encoder for each app while recording with sysex librarian software. If you don't have anything you need to save, you can disregard this note.

The theme for Hemisphere Suite 1.6 is timing. Its centerpiece is the introduction of the Vector Oscillator, a waveform generator that allows you to create custom waveforms with up to twelve level/value segments, and then use those waveforms within applets as LFOs, envelope generators, and one-shot or cycling bi-polar modulators.

A full list of updates in 1.6 is here:

Nov. 9: Hemisphere 1.6C corrects an issue in which Tuner is not initialized in the correct hemisphere, another issue in which the FTM capture was not reversed for the Flip 180 version. The threshold for CV change detection was also raised, to reduce the effect of ADC noise. Additionally, waveform state saving was fixed for the Vector applets.

Nov. 1: Hemisphere Suite 1.6B corrects issues with VectorEG, including (1) When a new waveform was selected, the waveform started at the value of the last segment rather than at 0V, and (2) When a square/pulse waveform was selected, release did not work properly.

Oct. 30: Hemisphere Suite 1.6A corrects an issue that broke clock multiplication in ClockDiv and sync in Vector LFO, and an issue that causes the last step to be played twice in both TrigSeqs.

Oct. 29: Hemisphere Suit 1.6:

Please note that this software is REPLACEMENT FIRMWARE for Ornament and Crime. All original Ornament and Crime apps will be removed, as will all data for these apps. Please see the Wiki (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki) for a list of what you get instead. You'll also find installation instructions here.

Nov 2, 2018
Hemisphere Suite 1.6B
Oct 31, 2018
Fix to VectorLFO sync and Clock Div mult
Oct 28, 2018
Hemisphere Suite 1.6

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1.5A makes the following updates. Please back up your The Darkest Timeline data via MIDI SysEx before installing this update.

  • Enigma, Jr.: Fixes a graphics offset issue in the right hemisphere
  • The Darkest Timeline: Adds gate length setting in the Setup Screen
  • Enigma: The Library now cannot be accessed nor auditioned while the song is playing. This allows you to freely move through the screens without interfering with playback in progress.

Hemisphere Suite 1.5's theme is the compositional use of shift registers. Its centerpiece is Enigma, a shift register (a.k.a. "Turing Machine") workstation. This release also adds RunglBook (a chaotic shift-register modulator based on Rob Hordijk's rungler circuit), "A"SR (a 256-step "analog" shift register delay), ShiftGate (a shift-register-based aleatoric gate/trigger sequencer), Enigma Jr., an applet that allows CV selection of Turing Machines, and more.

Here's the complete list of updates for 1.5:

  • Significantly changed the operation of Screen Saver mode. The calibration option now sets the number of minutes, not seconds, until the screen saver activates. The screen saver is now "screen blanking," and always simply darkens the screen. You can blank the screen at any time by long-pressing the Up button.
  • Added full app Enigma, a shift register (a.k.a. "Turing Machine") workstation that allows you to curate a library of up to 40 Turing Machine-like registers and build four track songs by chaining them together. The philosophy involves the use of shift registers as repeatable compositional elements rather than ephemeral improvisational elements. (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/Enigma)
  • LowerRenz: Fixed issue that potentially caused a crash when both hemispheres had LowerRenz selected.
  • Carpeggio: Standardized tuning and note values, to A=440Hz, C4=0V, C4=MIDI Note #60
  • Added applet Enigma Jr., which allows real-time composition (via CV) using your Enigma library. (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/Enigma,-Jr.)
  • Fixed issue that caused quantizer latency to be higher than it should have been.
  • Added applet RunglBook, a chaotic shift-register modulation based on Rob Hordijk's rungler circuit. (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/RunglBook)
  • Added applet Squanch, a Shifting Quantizer/Adder. (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/Squanch---Shifting-Quantizer)
  • Added applet "A"SR, an analog shift register delay. In one hemisphere, it has two outputs; when selected in two hemispheres, the buffer is linked and uses all four outputs. (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/%22A%22SR)
  • Added applet ShiftGate, a dual shift register-based aleatoric gate or trigger sequencer (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/ShiftGate)
  • Removed References, the last of the original Ornament and Crime apps. Most of References's salient functionality is incorporated into Hemisphere applets, specifically Voltage and Tuner.
  • Envelope Follower: Added per-channel configuration for Follow and Duck functions.
  • MIDI In/MIDI Out: Log is now accessed with button push rather than screen saver activation (because screen saver is no longer a thing; see above).
  • ShiftReg: Increased low range to 0V for better support of digital oscillators.
  • Sequence5: Same as above
  • Minor font changes to improve readability

Please note that this software is REPLACEMENT FIRMWARE for Ornament and Crime. All original Ornament and Crime apps will be removed, as will all data for these apps. Please see the Wiki (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki) for a list of what you get instead. You'll also find installation instructions here.

Sep 28, 2018
Version 1.5
Sep 28, 2018


Version 1.5 release

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Updates for 1.4C

  • Carpeggio: Fixed output issues
  • LowerRenz: Fixed crash issue when selected in both hemispheres
  • Turing: Renamed to ShiftReg

Updates for 1.4B

  • Captain MIDI: Fixed MIDI's note out and in
  • Also fixed same for MIDI In and MIDI Out
  • The Darkest Timeline: Fixed probability for Parallel Universe
  • CV Rec: Fixed range bug
  • Scale Editor: Fixed potential buffer overwrite after invalid sysex dump
  • Voltage: Increments are now fixed at one semitone

Hemisphere Suite 1.4

This release focuses largely on implementing user scales, but that's pretty much just a sub-theme of a wider ranging set of updates. In most cases, there shouldn't be compatibility issues between 1.3 and 1.4; but read the important note for The Darkest Timeline.

This is the last release of the summer. The 1.5 release is scheduled for September 28, 2018.

Special thanks, while I'm at it, to the folks keeping up with Hemisphere Suite on the MuffWiggler forum. Their feedback has been amazingly valuable, and they are directly responsible for many of the updates cited below.

Here are the changes for 1.4:

  • New full application: Scale Editor. Scale Editor is a standalone editor and manager for user scales, which can be used in various places throughout Hemisphere Suite (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/Scale-Editor).
  • There's Scala-to-Hemisphere Suite web-based converter to turn Scala files into Scale Editor system exclusive files (http://www.beigemaze.com/scala)
  • New full application: The Darkest Timeline 2.0. This is a ground-up rewrite of The Darkest Timeline, which turns it into a MIDI sequencer, and adds various other refinements and features (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/The-Darkest-Timeline-2.0). That Important Note You've Heard About: The Darkest Timeline 2.0 will not use in-module data from version 1. So if you have anything you want to keep, save it via SysEx dump before upgrading. The new version will accept SysEx files created by the prior version.
  • Captain MIDI: Now identifies SysEx from other Hemisphere Suite applications for your convenience.
  • Captain MIDI: Added CC#74 (y-axis, a.k.a. slide) for support of MPE 3-axis controllers.
  • Captain MIDI: Added support of MIDI beat clock at four resolutions, including 24ppqn.
  • Captain MIDI: Don't miss the sample Setup files, included as a download on this here very page!
  • Turing Machine: Added scale selction, including user scales, for the quantized output.
  • Added Tuner applet, with programmable A4 frequency, for tuning up your oscillators (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/Tuner).
  • Scope: Got some display upgrades, including showing BPM at 4ppqn, and showing CV input in Volts.
  • Scope: Improved range selection for better fine-tuning.
  • TrigSeq: A gate a CV 1 causes the A/C and B/D outputs to be swapped, allowing you to effectively switch the pattern via CV.
  • TrigSeq16: Same upgrade as above
  • Game of Life: Has been retired. (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/Conways's-Game-of-Life-(Retired))
  • Gated VCA: The B/D output is now reverse gated instead of simply always active, to provide greater flexibility.
  • Added Dual Schmitt Trigger applet, comparator that provides hysteresis (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/Schmitt-Trigger).
  • Added Binary Counter applet, which takes four logic inputs (high or low) and provides a binary-summed output and a count output (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/Binary-Counter).
  • Hemisphere: Replaced the Audio category with a Logic category, which is a way more common category in Hemisphere.
  • Added Envelope Follower applet (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/Envelope-Follower).
  • Dual Quantizer: Added diatonic root setting to each channel.
  • Added Voltage applet, a dual gate-activated fixed-voltage emitter (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/Voltage).
  • ADSR EG: Extended range to reduce attack time at lower values.
  • Palimpsest: Added CV control for Compose and Decompose.
  • Bow Tie Sequential: Added length setting, which replaced the navigation.
  • Added a Front Panel Designer document for the official Hemisphere panel!
  • Various UI and functional refinements.

Please note that this software is REPLACEMENT FIRMWARE for Ornament and Crime. All existing Ornament and Crime apps (except for References) will be removed, as will all data for these apps. Please see the Wiki (https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki) for a list of what you get instead. You'll also find installation instructions here.

Aug 27, 2018
Version 1.4B
Aug 26, 2018
Version 1.4A