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Monitor toggler command line program for Windows (7/Vista/XP). Provided monitortoggler.exe is in *repository* simply because building is ass-faced in Windows... And I don't t feel like I'm making changes to this program much.
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Monitor utilities

I personally recommend Restore Monitors instead of Monitor Toggler if you just happen to have Windows 7. Restore Monitors saves current settings of all monitors, and saves them to file. Afterwards you can change settings and restore the old settings from file.

Restore Monitors 0.2

Usage: restoremonitors7.exe [<-save>] <filename>

  Capable of restoring monitors to saved state under Windows 7.
  Uses Windows 7 CCD API to save, and restore the settings from

  By giving only filename the program tries to open and restore
  the saved settings in the file.

       Used to save settings to file.

       Prints '1' if current settings equals the one in the file,
       otherwise '0' or '  ERROR:...'.

  Author:     Jari Pennanen (2010) <>
  License:    FreeBSD License, see COPYING

Monitor toggler 0.3.2

Usage: monitortoggler.exe <monitornumber> [<forceState>] [<apply>]

  Capable of attaching and deattaching monitors from command line.

  Note: Resolution / display settings should be configured from Windows dialog.
        At least in Windows 7 the changes are saved to registry, and next time
        you attach the same screen it retrieves same settings. Thus it seems
        to be useless to define them while attaching.

             Monitor number, this may, and usually differs from monitor numbers
             in the screen resolution dialog. So you have to try several numbers
             until you find the right one :)

  forceState (optional):
            -1 = Toggles. (Tries to get the current mode, and toggles.) (default)
             1 = Attach
             0 = Detach

  apply (optional):
             1 = Apply changes immediately (default)
             0 = Do not apply changes
                 You have to call second time to apply changes

  Author:     Jari Pennanen (2010) <>
  License:    FreeBSD License, see COPYING
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