Pure Python MPEG Audio Layer 1, 2 and 3 meta information retrieval package "mpeg1audio".
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Pure Python MPEG-1 Audio related meta information retrieval package mpeg1audio.

Capable of retrieving duration (also duration of VBR MP3 files, using XING and VBRI headers and parsing all frames), bitrate, average bitrate, sample count, etc. This was done because other packages seemed to be licensed under GPL, this one is licensed under more permissive FreeBSD License, see COPYING.

Note: This is not meant to retrieve ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags. They are not part of MPEG Audio Layer I, II or III. If you are interested on ID3-tags, I recommend pytagger.

For users of this package


Documentation can be found under docs -directory, they are included only in releases. Other releases, such as GitHub repository does not include HTML generated documents. I'm trying to create automated way to generate Sphinx doc HTML directly from repository as new commits come in... But until that is implemented, there will be no documentation available online.


This package uses distutils and is easily installed using that:

$ setup.py install

Under Windows you can start the command prompt with administrator rights (by right clicking cmd.exe and using "Run as administrator") then run the above command.

Usage example

>>> import mpeg1audio
>>> try:
...    mp3 = mpeg1audio.MPEGAudio(open('data/song.mp3', 'rb'))
... except mpeg1audio.MPEGAudioHeaderException:
...    pass
... else:
...    print mp3.duration

For developers of this package

Unit testing

There exists directory tests/ which has tests.py and benchmarks.py, but I have not provided contents of tests/data/ yet. I'm looking for MP3 files that can be distributed without copyright issues. Currently I'm in search for pretty much any kind of files: Normal CBR, VBR Xing, VBRI Fraunhofer encoded, and Free bitrate -MP3 files.

PyDev and Eclipse

This project uses PyDev and Eclipse, and for this reason there are .project and .pydevproject files. For documentation there is Sphinx doc launch configuration that can generate documentation from within Eclipse, see docs/SphinxDoc mpeg1audio.launch. Currently the launch configuration has one hard-coded file path, so it is wise to edit this configuration before using it.

There is also launch configuration for unit testing tests/Tests for mpeg1audio.launch, it seems to be dependant on naming of mpeg1audio in workspace.


All source files are also analyzed using pylint, and in ideal case all source files of package should be free of pylint errors or warnings.