Pure Python package called `songdetails`, licensed under FreeBSD License. Can update and retrieve song details such as artist, title, album, duration... Uses pytagger, and mpeg1audio, only supported file type is MP3 currently.
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Python package songdetails

Pure Python package for retrieving details of songs in computer. The main purpose is to provide easiest possible interface for updating and retrieving information. For example the ID3 feature of multiple same named frames is not default, the default is the fact that single song most likely has single artist, title, album name, etc.

Why on earth would you want to create yet another tagger thingie? Simply there doesn't seem to be any decent tagging program licensed for free use, those which are free are under GPL, and that is no-no for most of the projects.



Note: Both of the dependencies are pure python packages.


Remember to first get the above dependencies.

This package uses distutils and is easily installed using that:

$ setup.py install

Under Windows you can start the command prompt with administrator rights (by right clicking cmd.exe and using "Run as administrator") then run the above command.

Usage example:

>>> import songdetails
>>> song = songdetails.scan("data/song.mp3")
>>> if song is not None:
...     print song.duration

Saving changes:

>>> import songdetails
>>> song = songdetails.scan("data/commit.mp3")
>>> if song is not None:
...     song.artist = "Great artist"
...     song.save()


This project uses Eclipse with PyDev, Pylint and Sphinx documentation generator. Accordingly all docstrings and docs are in reStructuredText, which ultimately is generated to HTML.

Eclipse workspace

Project references

songdetails has two project references: pytagger and mpeg1audio. It is best to create own workspace for this project, where you also add those two projects.

Launch configurations

There exists two Eclipse launch configurations:

  • tests/Tests for songdetails.launch - Unit tests.
  • docs/SphinxDoc songdetails.launch - Generating documentation.

Using Eclipse you must go to Run Configurations dialog and run them once so they appear to the list.