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Getting started with Teaser takes just a few minutes. This page shows the steps to quickly get to your personalized mapper benchmark.

Feature Tour

To quickly get started with testing mappers for a personalized data set, Teaser is available as a public web application that requires no registration.

For every benchmark Teaser generates an interactive HTML report summarizing the accuracy and efficiency of each mapper. A good way to get an overview of some of the features of Teaser may be to browse such a report. For an example, here Teaser was used to test five mappers on Illumina data for a Mouse resequencing experiment.


Using a local version of Teaser enables features such as adding new reference genomes, parameter sets, mappers and importing custom read data. We provide a ready-to-go installation as a virtual machine image. For installing Teaser directly (recommended), see Installation.


Teaser comes with a graphical user interface in the from of a Web Browser Interface. For command-line usage see Command Line and Command Line Configuration.

Adding Genomes, Parameter Sets and Mappers

The main reason for using a local version (virtual machine image or installation) is the ability to further customize Teaser. Some of the customization options include adding new reference genomes, parameter sets and mappers.