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TuxDroid Java API

Quick sample

This sample is a light game where you have to guess the result of a simple multiplication between two numbers from 1 to 10.


  • Downlad JNA library
  • Copy to /usr/lib/ (for example...)


  • Go to your repo path (in my case, jna.jar is in there)
  • javac -cp .:jna.jar com/tuxisalive/direct/


  • Plug TuxDroid's fish
  • java -cp .:jna.jar MultiplicationGameTuxDroidSample

Play !

  • solve the problem proposed on console
  • press on left wing to increment units
  • press on right wing to increment tens
  • press on head button to validate your answer
  • if it is the good one, start again :D
  • press ^D (Control-D) to exit from console ; ^C is not the better choice...