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Delete Job

Delete an existing job. Jobs can only be deleted before they have started processing, when their status is "Authorizing" or "Pending". If you need to delete a job after it has started processing contact and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

HTTP Method

.. http:get:: /api/job/delete

Query String Parameters — Required

Name Details
v Description The version of the API to use
Allowed Values 1
Example v=1
api_token Description The API token used for this session
Allowed Values Hex String
Example api_token=7ca5dc5c7cce449fb0fff719307e8f5f
job_id Description The ID of the job to be deleted
Allowed Values Hex String
Example job_id=64bea283eff6475ea6596027a6ba0929


HTTP Code Details
200 Description Success
  "TaskId": "Encoded Task ID"
400 Description An error occurred
Contents Error description (see :ref:`error-format-label` for details)

Example Requests

GET /api/job/delete?v=1&api_token=7ca5dc5c7cce449fb0fff719307e8f5f
&job_id=64bea283eff6475ea6596027a6ba0929 HTTP/1.1

Example Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

{ "TaskId" : "cc8095fbfecf4647b2e10b622d81c19b" }