OSINT tool for testing privacy and social engineering vulnerability of organizations.
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Corporate espionage tool for testing privacy and security using OSINT and social engineering.

Cignotrack has this features:

  • Discover whois, IP and technologies related informations
  • Rapid hostility - haters analysis against the target
  • Extract and analyze the target images and documents metadata
  • Search target emails and social media tracking
  • Search for sensitive files
  • Phishing with preloaded scenarios

Tool coded for security testing, the author decline any illegal use of this tool.

Coded by Cignoraptor.

Maybe in your machine you need install: links2 (sudo apt-get install links2) whois (sudo apt-get install whois) exiftool (sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl) sendemail (sudo apt-get install sendemail)

Usage: bash cignotrack.sh
WARNING: Not use a url like target but a domain! PS: DOMAIN!!! Exemple: organizzazione.net -----> This is a domain!

Tool coded for security test, The author decline any responsability for any illegal use of this tool, use at your own risk.