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[NOTE: Cing is currently under heavy development and restructuring, so we don't recommend using it for now. If you are interested in knowing more or using it, please go to and leave your email address.]

Cing is an open source library for creative coding which bridges the elegant and intuitive syntax of Processing with the power and flexibility of C++. Cing allows innovative and accessible experimentation with advanced capabilities such as 3D, Physics or Computer Vision.

At its core, Cing wraps the powerful open source graphics engine Ogre3D ( to give access to advanced graphic techniques, making them accessible and easy to use through a friendly Processing-like ( syntax.

Cing is licensed under MIT License (

More info at: (sorry, some day we will actually launch it :) ).

Cing is developed by Julio Obelleiro, Jorge Cano and a number of contributors. If you want to get in touch with us, you can drop us a line at

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