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CINNAMON SlackBuilds

This repository provides SlackBuild scripts to build and install the CINNAMON
desktop environment (
on top of Slackware Linux.
The Cinnamon packages are built with a minimum set of dependencies, but still
provides a working desktop.

Binary packages of Cinnamon for Slackware 15.0 for both ARCH (x86 and x86_64)
can be obtained from : Binaries are built
against Slackware 15.0.

If you have custom installation, building from the source is the recommended
way to make sure it is linked with the libraries available on your machine.

How to build and install the CINNAMON packages using these scripts:

1.  Clone the Git repo or download a tarball/zip of the repo.
    Master branch is recommended if you are using current and it's always tracking
    the latest release of Cinnamon project. If you are using stable version of Slackware,
    please use a branch matching your Slackware version; eg. 15.0.

2.  You may want to read NOTES before building

3.  Install bash-completion from /extra before building the packages.

4.  Build the packages according to the BUILD_ORDER manually.
    If you wish to run an automated build script, please use the ''
    in the root directory which will build and install all the cinnamon packages
    including the necessary dependencies.
    NOTE: In certain cases, the automated build script *may* failed.
    Some known issues are documented in KNOWN_ISSUES.

5.  Once the packages are built and installed, you can use 'xwmconfig' 
    to select the cinnamon session. Run startx to start Cinnamon Desktop.

6.  Enjoy and let me know of any issues or suggestions/improvements. 
    Email is:


Willy Sudiarto Raharjo


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