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HTML5 Boilerplate implementation for MODX Evolution
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NOTE: This is stripped down version of the HTML5 Boilerplate. Consider this a personal starting point for my projects. If you feel the need to add more functionality please submit your requests. For a full HTML5 Boilerplate implementation see

First you need to:
* Install MODX Evolution
* Create a chunk named GA and paste your Google Analytics code
* Create a chunk named CultureKey and enter your Culture Key e.g. en
* Install PHx
Note: if you don't what PHx just replace [(modx_charset:lcase)] with your charset

Optional Packages:
* Install GetField from

* Copy the assets folder and files in your MODX installation (make sure you don't overwrite the assets folder)
* If not root folder edit "RewriteBase /" to "RewriteBase /YOUR_PATH/"
* Set up a new template named Home and paste the contents of the home.tpl file

* Create a new snippet named Include and paste this code:
        Snippet to include template files from file system. 
        Templates and templates resources are usually set up in assets/template/your-theme-name
        USAGE: [[Include? &tpl=`site/home.tpl`]]
        if ( !isset($tpl) || $tpl== "" ) return "Missing Template file!";
        $tpl = $base_path .'assets/templates/'.$tpl;
        return ob_get_clean();
Put [[Include? &tpl=`site/home.tpl`]] in your home template(modify the existing one or create new one)

Home Template Sample:

[[Include? &tpl=`site/parts/top.tpl`]]

<body id="template3">

    <div id="container">
        <div id="main" role="main">
[[Include? &tpl=`site/parts/bottom.tpl`]]

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