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Basic electric control line model aircraft timer using an Adafruit Trinket M0 & CircuitPython
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An Open Source Control Line Timer Project

Touch and Go is an open source software program to create your own basic timer for an electric powered control line model aircraft. Utilizing a $9 Adafruit Industries Trinket M0 microcontroller development board the timer is compact, light-weight and simple to use. With a few taps of your finger the timer can be quickly programmed at the flying field to change the time delay before start-up, the length of the flight and the RPM setting of the motor. Because it’s open source, you can customize the functionality to your liking or even add new features.

Project Philosophy

This project developed from a desire to promote interest in electric powered control line. The target user groups are the beginner and novice flyers up to the more advanced sport flyer. It is intended to adhere to the basic KISS principle; minimal components and simple to make, program and operate. I wanted it to be easy to change settings at the field without needing any tools or having to connect to any other devices. Based on these ideals, low cost becomes a positive byproduct.


Detailed assembly, programming and operating instructions can be found in the instruction manual as a downloadable PDF file from a link on my GitHub Pages, The program files can be downloaded from the web page or from the release tab above.

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