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#include "ofMain.h"
class ArsUIButton
int status, bcnt, speed, tcnt; //status 0: not selected, 1:selected, 2: broken
ofImage mark, markShadow;
float x, y, radius;
int bid;
ofPoint fuji;
double directionToFuji; //radian
double currentDirection;
double calcDirection(ofPoint *_p1, ofPoint *_p2);
double viewAngle;
double latitude;
double longtitude;
ArsUIButton(float _x, float _y, int _bid, ofPoint _fuji, float _angle );
virtual void draw();
virtual void update();
virtual int hitTestPoint(ofPoint p);
void setPosition(ofPoint pos);
ofPoint getPosition();
void setAngle(float _angle);
void setStatus(int _status);
int getStatus();
int getId();
void setCameraStatus(double _lat, double _lon);
ofPoint GPStoXY(double _lat,double _lon);
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