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A graphical programming interface that helps newbies get into embedded programming. It's based on Google's Blockly and turns blocks into arduino-compatible code.
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A graphical programming interface that helps newbies get into embedded programming. Based on Microsoft's MakeCode, PXT-Blockly (Google Blockly fork), and carlosperate's Ardublockly.

CircuitBlocks downloads and executables can be found here.

When first started, the app will try to identify an already existing Arduino installation. If one isn't found it will download and install the Arduino IDE along with all the required drivers and libraries required for the CircuitMess Ringo board.

NOTE: You can skip these steps if you just want to use CircuitBlocks. Find the installation guide and the tutorial here.

Running a dev environtment

Clone the repository, install all core and client dependencies and run with yarn:

git clone
cd CircuitBlocks/client
cd ..
yarn dev

It is recommended to compile native dependencies using gcc version 7 as we were unable to compile them using newer versions. Specifying which gcc and g++ binaries yarn should use to compile native dependencies can be done by modifying the rebuild-electron script in package.json like this:

"scripts": {
  "rebuild-electron": "CC=/usr/bin/gcc-7 CXX=/usr/bin/g++-7 yarn electron-rebuild",

Remove the CC and CXX variables to use the system default binaries.

The frontend client and electron backend can also be started separately. To start the client run yarn dev in the client directory, and to start the electron server, run yarn electron-start in the root directory of the repository.


The app is packaged using electron-builder. To package it, you first need to build the frontend and electron backend with yarn build. Then you can package it with yarn dist:

cd client
yarn build
cd ..
yarn build
yarn dist

This will produce the binaries for your platform in the dist directroy.


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Copyright © 2019 CircuitMess

Licensed under GPL-3.0

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